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MCA helps to compare the market conditions and helps to fetch a fair market value for that property using radius and polygon search. It is the easiest way to get a comps report for appraisers. Also used to create and get quick appraisal report on a subject property with the best comparable sales and market listings .

Multiple export features

Get a high quality comps report in PDF, CSV or MISMO format.

  • High Quality Data
  • Inventory Analysis
  • Local Market Trends

Customize Report

MCA reports can be cutomized, edited and you can even upload your own photos for a property


MCA allows you to review the comps details and photos side by side with your subject property.

Create an appraisal report inside two minutes on a subject property with the best comparable sales and market listings in the neighborhood.

MCA provides the images of the property as well as listing history of subject property and comps to create an exhaustive appraisal report.

Propmix MCA Overview

Different Users

MCA mainly has 3 types of users


Admins own the account setup. They can create / update and deactivate user account.


Managers can add, update and deactivate employees within the account. The manager can create orders, view reports, review employee order and activity.


Employees can create orders and view their reports.

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MCA Market Conditions Advisor

Do a radius search around a given address to get the nearby properties sorted by distance. Get the Inventory Analysis for the zip code based on the properties returned. For Subject Property and comps, get property images, sales history and the property details from MLS.